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Company C - John Sack wrote Company C and was the only reporter at the front throughout the Iraqi War and at the biggest tank battle in American history. He joined Charlie Company on 7 February with the military's permission after members of the print media voted him onto the combat pool 3 February. After spending the intervening days living with the men and sleeping on the tops of 63-ton Abrams tanks, Sack rode with the group at the spear tip of American invasion troops rolling across the Iraqi border on 24 February. He stayed with Company C as it fought in the "Battle of Al Qarnain" (with 1,800 allied tanks involved, the largest armored battle American forces have participated in) and until the fighting ended on 28 February. Of the fifteen hundred accredited journalists covering the conflict, Sack was the only one to stay with a front-line unit throughout the war. After leaving Saudi Arabia in March, Sack was at Ft. Riley in May when Company C returned. During the time he spent with them he had amassed 135 hours of taped interviews, 575 pages of typed transcripts and 950 pages of handwritten notes. (AVAILABLE AT AMAZON.COM)

Crusade - This was written by Rick Atkinson.  This book give a good overview of Desert Storm references to both the VII Corp and the First Infantry Division.  (AVAILABLE AT AMAZON.COM)

Into The Storm: A Study In Command - This book was written by Tom Clancy with General Fred Franks.  This book give a good overview of both the VII Corp and the First Infantry Division.  It even has one reference to C Company, 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor on page 276 of the hard cover edition.  (AVAILABLE AT AMAZON.COM)

Jayhawk: The VII Corps in The Persian Gulf - This book was written by Stephen A. Bourque, Ph.D. who is a former Battalion Executive Officer for the Dreadnoughts.  His new book is from the U.S. Army Center of Military History, uncovers the reality and challenges faced by the U.S. Army's VII Corps during Desert Storm. It details the planning, postwar operations, and analysis of key commanders' interactions and decision-making. Includes bibliographical references and index with color maps and photographs. 2002: 514 p. ill. S/N 008-029-00378-3  (AVAILABLE AT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT ON-LINE BOOKSTORE)


Armor: "A Leap Of Faith" - By Colonel Lon E. Maggart in January / February 1992 (CLICK HERE TO READ THIS ARTICLE ON-LINE)

Army: "The 'Dreadnoughts' Rip The Saddam Line" - By Lt. Col. Gregory Fontenot in January 1992 (CLICK HERE TO READ THIS ARTICLE ON-LINE)

Esquire: "The Salvation of Gunner Penn" - By John Sack in April 1991 (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

Esquire: "Captain John E. Bushyhead and the Surrender in Indian Country" - By John Sack in May 1991 (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

Esquire: "C Company" - By John Sack in December 1991 (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

Military Review: "Fright Night: Task Force 2/34 Armor" - By Gregory Fontenot in January 1993  NOTE:  This Article can be read or downloaded as in PDF format from the Military Review web site.  Select "Past Additions" to go to the databases page.  Then check "Military Review English Edition" and push "Query".  Then search for "Fright Night: Task Force 2/34 Armor" to find the article. The PDF can also be emailed to you by the web master of this site. (MILITARY REVIEW WEB SITE )

The Middle East Journal: "Correcting Myths About The Persian Gulf War: The Last Stand Of The Tawakalna" - By Stephen A. Bourque in Volume 51, Number 4, Autumn 1997 (CLICK HERE TO READ THIS ARTICLE ON-LINE)


Time Machine: The True Story Of The Big Red One - This is a History Channel documentary. (AVAILABLE AT THE A&E STORE - SEARCH ON "BIG RED ONE")

Journals Of War - This is an A&E documentary. (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)


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